Look who wants to row

After what seemed like an eternity of wet and windy weather through most of November , it was great to see the wind subside enough for us to launch one of our skiffs , a bright morning with temperature slightly above freezing saw about ten members getting the chance to get out rowing again, watched on by one curious Marina visitor.

Marr Voyager ready to roll

trailer 002

Despite very strong winds and rain,too strong for rowing,a good turnout to get Marr Voyager from launch to road trailer in readiness for refurbishment at Irvine Maritime Museum workshop Monday morning. Volunteers welcome from 8.30 am and or any other mornings for the next two weeks.

In the background can be seen The Pride of Preswick ,Prestwick clubs skiff ,who are with us for the next few weeks.Hopefully the winds will diminish enough soon for some rowing.

Ailsa Lass refurb done

marr voyager refurb 004

Finishing touches this morning after a quick two week turnaround for Ailsa lass, many thanks and well done to the volunteers who made this happen.

marr voyager refurb 006

Next stage of the plan,is for Marr Voyager to be loaded onto the road trailer Sunday afternoon session,regardless of rowing conditions, ready for transport to Irvine, Monday morning to receive her make over, and load Ailsa lass for return to Troon.

Volunteers for this task at Maritime Museum Monday 8.30 am onwards hopefully for another two week refurbishment, please come any morning you have free.

photos Bob Dawson

Looking good

Final gloss coat today and looking good for turnover Monday and start of inside scrape and re-paint. Also great to be around the Scottish Boatbuilding school and some wonderful old wooden boats being beautifully restored to there former glory by an amazing team at the school. 


refurb fri 2015 004

refurb fri 2015 005

Refurbishment going well

The team hard at work in a cloud of dust.

First gloss coat after two undercoats.

Second gloss to apply Friday then skiff will be turned on Monday 9th, more volunteers still welcome.

photo and video Harry Risk

Skiff Maintenance


This begins on Monday morning (2nd) and there is a lot to do. This is a general call for any member who is free and available to turn up at the marina at 9.00am on Monday to help get everything ready to go up to Irvine (skiff, tools, consumables, other bits and pieces, etc). The timetable is quite short at the Museum boatshed, so the sooner we get everything up there the better.No experience required.

november 5 002

This programme will run all through November so not limited to Monday ,come when you can, contact the team for any more info. We are hoping to spruce up both skiffs in readiness for a busy new year.

Winter Rowing Times

As the clocks go back, Wednesday evening sessions will be suspended until spring 2016.

The existing club rowing sessions commencing 10.00 am Saturday,Sunday and Wednesday mornings remain unaffected as does Sunday 2.00 pm session.

These sessions open to all members and anyone interested in the come and have ago invitation.

Given the sheltered launch position at the slipway behind Scott’s in the marina,we manage to row all year round. Dress to suit the weather of the day

dec 28 row 007



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