Booking a Boat

Any club member can book a boat, at any time out with the posted club sessions, ideally using the on-line booking system or alternatively the club’s WhatsApp group.

It is important outings are publicised ahead of time to ensure other members know about the session.

Who Can Take Part

A boat can only be used under the direct guidance of a competent club cox and the crew must contain a minimum of two experienced club rowers.

All use of boats must strictly adhere to the TCRC Risk Assessment & Safety Guide and it is the responsibility of the booking member and cox to ensure that they are compliant with the contents.

If non members are taking part it is the responsibility of the booking member to ensure that their details are recorded in the temporary club members book prior to the session. 

Before Heading Out

The cox must ensure:

  1. each boat is equipped with a “grab bag” and physically check that the contents are in order before each session
  2. that they have with them at all times an operational club vhf radio and the crew are capable of using it if necessary 
  3. that due consideration is given to the weather & sea conditions and experience level of the crew for the proposed route
  4. all crew members are wearing an approved life jacket or buoyancy aid which is properly fitted, and they know how to use it, before getting into the boat