Indian summer

The fine weather looks like staying with us for a few days more,so remains a great opportunity to get both our skiffs busy.

A fine Tuesday evening saw a crew of six,with rolling cox changes,join the increasing Lady Isle club.Sunset 29 09 014 - Copy

Setting off on longer rows requires light winds and calm seas,so best grab the chances when we can.

Sunset 29 09 031

This followed by a Wednesday morning outing,report reads “Crew of six rowed out and round Lady Isle in perfect conditions. On return fog banks came in. Round trip including stops took approx. 2 hours.”

It looks like it is getting busy out there.

Good weekend for rowing

Weather forecast for this weekend is looking good ,rowing conditions should be very favourable.

Hopefully this should see a good turnout for the social rowing sessions and a welcome return from some deterred by some of the less kind conditions recently ,also looking ideal for anyone who has been thinking about coming along to try out this rowing thing.

Admiring our beautiful local coast line from a St Ayles skiff is always a wonder even for the more regular rowers,don’t forget you’re sunblock.

rowing wed 26 03 14 040

See Get involved for club session times.

Windy Wednesday

Club rowing session this morning,Sea King helicopter makes an obvious detour, three minutes later call on VHF from harbour master, “Troon Rowing the current wind is at 25 knots”, cox replies “understood we have already turned back to base”, I might have asked “and you’re point is?”

Earlier the crew performed the little practised exercise of Cap Rescue, Stephen’s cap blows away, the cox promptly brings Ailsa Lass about 360 degrees,with a little,bow side, stroke side, the cap finds itself safely aboard and ready for the wash.

Comforting to know as a small craft at sea ,you are not alone

Rowing on Loch Ken ?

Interest is sought from members regarding the possibility of a day of rowing / picnic on Loch Ken at Castle Douglas on Sunday the 11th of October.

This is still an embryonic idea proposed by Carrick Coastal Rowing, a social day of distance rowing in company with a few other interested clubs.