Training sessions

Please note, Due to failing light the evening training session have stopped until BST 2016. New training session times will be 11.00 am Saturday mornings for a trial period. All members welcome. Training session times are for members wishing to develop Rowing /Cox’ing skills and competitive training.   Regular club sessions as normal.

Rowing with sharks

Wonderful sight on this mornings club rowing session,3 maybe 4 large basking sharks feeding just offshore from Troon harbour. Having spotted the dorsal fins and the bubbling waters created by large shoals of fry trying to escape becoming lunch,we managed to delicately row over to within five metres of one of these magnificent creatures. Camera phone sadly […]

Eider ducks on a blustery Wednesday row

Despite very blustery winds ,Marr Voyager was launched this morning. With a heavy swell and breaking waves on the open sea ,several trips were made in the relative sanctuary of the inner harbour The crews including first time rower Steve from Minnesota on a visit to family in Troon,were treated to a great display of Eider ducks taking off as […]