Irvine Harbours Festival of Lights – row up the Garnock River

fest-of-light-long-view-2016 festival-of-light-dec-2016

Skiffs from Troon, Maidens, Girvan, Prestwick, Firth of Clyde and Anstruther took part in a social row up the River Garnock and then the skiffs were decorated with coloured lights and then rowed up the River Irvine towards the town in the dark to the delight of the onlooking spectators.  This must be a first for the St Ayles skiff community.  Special thanks to Bruce from Anstruther for the night shots.

wp_20161203_10_28_39_pro wp_20161203_10_28_57_pro wp_20161203_10_29_27_pro wp_20161203_11_35_56_pro wp_20161203_12_26_37_pro wp_20161203_12_32_11_pro wp_20161203_12_42_04_pro


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