Founding of Stranraer Coastal Rowing Club

I have written before about our members’ love of rowing in new locations and also how friendly and supportive the coastal rowing community is. On the 21st Feb this year we were able to combine these two by supporting Stranraer Coastal Rowing Club at their open day club launch. Five of our members took our lovely skiff Marr Voyager down to Stranraer and were naturally given coffee and cakes before launching her. Once launched we took her into the harbour and moored alongside a pontoon. Several local people wished to have a go at rowing so we took them, two at a time, just for a short row within the harbour area. It was lovely to see the reaction of people that a) they could row and b)how stable the skiff was. Once everybody had rowed we chatted with the organisers who told us their hopes and plans and how they hoped to host the 2019 World Championships! Certainly Loch Ryan, being a wonderfully sheltered stretch of water, would provide a stunning location. We wish Stranraer Coastal Rowing Club well.

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