Using the Booking System

The booking system can be used to let other members know of upcoming sessions. For short notice sessions, it may be more appropriate to use the club’s WhatsApp group.

Before creating a session, please make sure you are aware of the club’s rule regarding the use of the boats.

When using the booking system, the organiser should provide the date and time of the session and what type of activity is to take place. There currently are:

  • Social: open sessions where many club members can take part, just to spend time with other members and enjoy the weather.
  • Training: technical or physical conditioning sessions, could be scheduled for all keen members or for a specific category or crew.
  • Long Row: open sessions where the capacity is usually limited since crew members can’t be rotated during the row.

There are two types of sessions.

Open Sessions

Open Sessions are useful when wanting to invite all members to take part without knowing the composition of the crew(s).

These are open to all members (and guests). The capacity may be limited for some types of outings (such as long rows) in which case places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

When the session is created, an email will be sent to all registered club members. The email will contain details of the session and a link to a page where members can indicate if they wish to take part.

On the day of the session, it will be the responsibility of the organiser to allocate participants to the skiffs and ensure the event happens smoothly.

Named Sessions

These are normally designed for group of people to book a boat for a given purpose. For example, a crew could book a boat to train together for an upcoming event.

In this case the composition of the crew should be known when the booking is made and members allocated to skiffs.

Since the composition of the crew is know, you can drag and drop users from the list of the left hand side to the appropriate skiff.

When creating the session, an email will be sent to all registered members so that everyone is aware of the session (even though only the specified members are expected to take part).


Please that the system currently DOES NOT ensure that bookings do not overlap so it is your responsibility when making a booking to ensure that the skiffs are available.