Stunning backdrops for rowing

With a mixture of weather conditions recently the club continues to enjoy some fine rowing sessions including a recent visit from Troon marina across the bay to the Puffer cafe at Irvine a fair distance row incorporating a crew change after coffee and empire biscuits, this photo by Jamie Mason12717801_10153944013013000_8796867319591314339_n

Other sessions have seen some choppier seas with both skiffs launched and a mixture of short and longer outings this pic Harry Risk12798870_1153593701347272_3894617622155489989_n

Was surprised and delighted to find the next photo by Tina Sinclair on a local facebook page ,the picture intended to capture the large tanker set  against the splendid backdrop of a snow capped Arran ,then viewers started spotting the two tiny boats and asked what they were,by chance a stunning pic of our Saturday morning rowing session.

This past month has seen a few have a go people turn up and enjoy the buzz that is coastal rowing and new members forms being filled in.12832458_10153848969796068_4581417733247866787_n

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