Against the wind

Despite moving through January from one storm to the next the club has had reasonable success with 50% of club sessions able to go ahead often seeing both skiffs deployed and a good turnout of members taking part, in some cases a few good distance trips took place.

 As ever a welcome awaits anyone who thinks they may like to try,or wants a look at what we are about ,already the programme for away events is looking very exciting a good time to give us a try,full training and safety equipment is available, you could be racing at our own Regatta or even taking part in the Skiifie Worlds. The wildlife encountered not far from our shores rarely disappoints from inquisitive harbour and common seals poking their heads up around us for a look see to cormorants herons and the spectacular sights of watching hundreds of Eider ducks flapping and running across the water as they take to flight.


Nearer to home, sessions are weather assessed on the day ,we do get enough calm days for more adventurous and longer distance outings such as Lappock Rock ,Lady Isle other destinations suggested will be considered.

pipe 2

On a recent outing around to the North Shore on very low tide we discovered that the pipe running out  could possibly serve as a makeshift pontoon.


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