Welcome to the club

For members old and new, here’s some details about how the club works.

Rowing Sessions

The club runs regular rowing sessions:

  • Wednesday 10am, and 6pm (BST only); Saturday 10am and Sunday 2pm are social rowing sessions where members go out for rows in the harbour and out in the bay
  • Tuesday 6pm and Thursday 6pm (BST only) are training sessions where participants will work under supervision to improve their technique and fitness, practicing things that would not normal be done in regular sessions. These sessions are open to all members but will occasionally be restricted to those taking part in upcoming regattas so they can train as a crew.

Attendance to rowing sessions currently still require pre-booking, we ask members do not simply turn up on the day. And they are of course subject to the weather being clement and could be cancelled at the last minute.

We use the club’s WhatsApp group to organise the crews. On the day prior to the session, a committee member will put out a call asking who wants to take part. Just reply in the main group. Lists of crews, will be published the evening before.

If you do say you intend to take part, please make all practical effort to actually turn up on time to avoid affecting others in the boat. Please arrive a few minutes prior to the session in order to help getting the boat ready.

Should you not want to use WhatsApp at all, please contact the club’s secretary every Monday to let the club know which sessions you would like to attend. You will be booked in but will not receive confirmation nor notification of late cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances.

Honesty Box

The club asks members to voluntarily donate £1 every time they come to row and use the boat, usually by putting a coin in the honesty box and is available in “the bag”. This is to help cover the cost of maintaining the boats and other things we are responsible for. Since fewer people carry cash, members can elect to do make bank transfers at their own leisure to the same account the subscription was paid into. Again, this is completely voluntary and every member should decide if they want to donate in this way.

Using the boat outside normal sessions

The boats are available all the time. If you weather is right, please feel free to put a call out to members to find a crew. As long as their is a competent cox and a crew who can handle the boat on and off the water, all you need to do is record the outing using our booking system.

Using the web site

This web site contains lots of information which you will find helpful.

  • This page has useful videos explaining the fundamentals of rowing technique.
  • Our club induction manual has lots of useful information about the history of the club and the sport, some details about the boat, how our launching procedures works, etc.
  • On the more administrative side, you will also find the club’s constitution and the minutes of the recent committee meetings.

Member account

Much of the information is restricted to club members only. An account will have been created for when you join the club.

  • You will have received a notification by email when the account was created. A default random password will have been generated with the account.
  • You should change the initial password using the password reset form.
  • Once you have logged in, please visit your user profile check all the details are correct. In particular, please make your date of birth is correct. This is used for age categories when taking part in regattas.

Regattas and Events

The club will organise or take part in events throughout the year. This list of upcoming events is available. On each event page, you can tick a box next to your name to indicate you would like to take part in that event.

Please note that unless specified otherwise, regattas are competitive events and we ask members take part in training sessions to familiarise themselves with races practices and improve their technique and fitness.

Specific WhatsApp groups will be created for each event to help coordinate crews, organise travel, etc.

Mailing List

The club operates a mailing list which is used to publish useful information. It’s very low traffic and only committee members can post to it.